Monday, December 8, 2008

Hot New Club

People are always asking me for cool places and clubs to hang out at. This is a fair question because I am very hip and trendy (I am neither) and I know all the hotspots (Warning: Calling a hotspot a hotspot is a pretty strong indicator of how cool I am). So, here you go, I have discovered the hottest new club, and chances are you have one (yes, it is a chain club) near you. It's called The MAC Counter, and its in most major department stores!

At first this club confused me because, apparently, they also apply people's make-up there. However, the loud blasting dance music tipped me off that, yes, in fact it was a nightclub. I mean, why would they play music like that at a make-up application stand. Applying make-up seems like a slow and meticulous process, something more apt for Sarah Mclachlan or Enya rather than techno music common in a Berlin discotheque.

So, after purchasing my Jockey undershirts (settle down ladies) I made my way over to this club. It was hot! I asked the woman dressed hipply in black for a Gin and Tonic, she said they didn't have any but could give me something called a Guyliner. This sounded like a pretty trendy drink, but I decided I still had shopping to do and didn't want to get tipsy so I would skip drinks. The music was bumping! (I am a little worried though, that it could be one of those dangerous clubs because the security guy was looking at me REAL hard when I started to dance). Never got too packed, actually the only other person there was a girl and she was getting make-up done for a sweet sixteen, but I think that's is just because it was 3 in the afternoon. It probably gets crazy at night!

So, there's your recommendation on a hot new club. Again, I believe it is called 'The MAC Counter.'

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Toni Ryan said...

I have actually been to this club. I am concerned bc once there was an exorbitant cover charge, but all was well when they sent me home with a really pretty tube of lipstick.