Saturday, June 13, 2009

Best Car Feature Ever

For the last two weeks I have been driving around my Grandma's car. I call it the Chick-Mobile because, you guessed it, I transport live chickens. I have had her car because I have had to take Casey (our dog) to the vet a couple times and my car's back seat is not nearly big enough (that's what she said - HEY random parenthesis comment!)

During my time with this car I have determined what I believe to be the greatest feature ever put in a automobile. It is not the cup holder or the heated seats (both of which my Grandma's car doesn't have). No, it is the right side gas cap! When you have the gas cap on the right side of your vehicle you hardly wait to get gas! It's like EZ-Pass for your car! (Poor analogy). If I had to guess, I would say 80% of cars on the road today have the gas cap on the left side of the car, my car is one of them, and these people wait in line for gas frequently. With my Grandma's car I hardly wait. Sure, some people will with left side gas caps will pull around to face the other way (For some reason now, I get angry at these people . . . not sure if that is justified) but for the most part I breeze right through the gas station. So, on the next car you get (If there is anyone still making cars when you are buying) make sure you get this feature!

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Anonymous said...

my car has a right side gas cap & i never appreciated it until now. so thank you.