Monday, June 8, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On Every Magazine

While standing in line to pay for my grocery's the other day I was struck by the magazine rack a the register. Almost every magazine had Jon and Kate Plus 8 on the cover (including, I believe, those little horoscope magazines they sell there, which I have never seen one single customer pick up and think "Hmmm, I think I'll add this to my order.") Their possible split has been covered more than Jen and Brad. If there is one thing these two can do, besides give thousands of parents heart attacks and raise the collective blood-pressure of its viewers, it's sell magazines.

While they are on most magazines, they are not on all magazines, and those magazines would be wise to find a way to tailor an issue as to justify putting them on the cover. So, here are some ideas:

1. "Taste of Home" - Articles include: The Recipe for Divorce . . . How to Cook For Screaming Children (co-written by Paul Deen, the secret - Extra Butter!). . .How to Sneak Poisin Into Your Hubby's Oatmeal
2. "Men's Health" - Articles include: Use Your Stress From Home As Motivation In The Gym . . . Do Kids Make Good Barbells? . . . 6-Pack Secrets (This article has nothing to do with Jon and Kate, but every single issue of Men's Health has one article which they mention of the cover about getting a 6-Pack . . . seriously, go check)
3. "Seventeen" - Like Oh My Gosh Jon Gosselin Is Sooo Cute . . . Babysitting Tips From Jon and Kate For Extra Summer Cash To Spend On Ice Cream and Boys

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Toni Ryan said...

hahhaha nice. "extra butter" love it! let's send them a butter-of-the-month membership!