Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Case Of The Red Saab

Since, I have started with The Wake Up Crew I have been the first person into our building in the morning. This has provided many benefits : Rights to the first cup of coffee, the opportunity to come in naked (the way I prefer) and put my clothes on at the station and, most importantly, my choice of parking spots. Clearly, I selected the first parking spot closest to the building and have parked there ever since. Two years - no problems, yet for the last two months there has been a red Saab parked in my spot. First of all, who drives a Saab? Second, nobody is in the building so someone has left this car in my spot for over a month. I have no legal right to the spot but I believe I have something more powerful, I have dibs on that spot.

Now, I am confronted with how to handle this situation. My options are:

  1. Leave a note on the car
  2. Get some people to help me pick up the car and move it
  3. Complain about it on my blog like a coward

I have chosen the latter. However, if you are the owner of a red Saab and have legally parked your car in parking spot at the PST studios and you happen to run into me be prepared for a very angry glance!!!


Anonymous said...

That would be an angry stare from a naked man... from what you say.

Newman said...

Hmmm good point that might make it lose it's emphasis. I will have to put on underwear first

Anonymous said...

I hate when people do that. That happens at work for me all of the time.

Anonymous said...

Is it the owner of the building car maybe? Does it ever move from the spot? Can you get it towed?

The Christine Show said...

Towed? REAL bad idea, right Newman?