Thursday, January 14, 2010

Does This Gross Anyone Else Out?

The other day we did a list of resolutions to make while you are at the gym. It included the usual stuff: Go to work out not look at girls, stop flexing in the mirror, don't wear your nightclub clothes, etc. Well, I forgot one I wanted to add:

Stop weighing yourself naked.

Seriously, does this gross anybody else out? I see guys doing it all the time in the locker room (isolate this sentence for bonus laughs). I am not 100% sure what it is about people weighing themselves naked that grosses me out, but I'm pretty sure it involves the possibility of you swinging around and grazing the scale. Also, I feel like your nakedness gets transferred through your body, so when you adjust the weights on the scale, you are touching it with a finger attached to a naked body - gross. Plus, can you imagine walking by the scale and having a fat, naked, hairy guy turn and step off of it right into you?! Talk about a fantasy!

Now, I am not a weight-loss-atician (nor is anyone, because I just made up the word) but I'm guessing a pair of boxers won't effect your results that much and you could still get accurate results while wearing some underwear at least. Unless, you are wearing solid gold boxers - which I am. Or, you could simply weigh your pants and then subtract that weight from the weight you get while wearing them. What I am trying to say is, there is no reason to weigh yourself naked.

Listen, we have enough nudity problems in the men's locker room as is - for some reason the older you get the more likely the first item you put on after a shower is your socks - so, let's stop with the naked weighing.

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