Friday, February 5, 2010

The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever

The average Super Bowl commercial costs 16 billion dollars. So, obviously the advertisers want to make sure their commercial is talked about after it airs for one minute of your life. They do this by attempting to be funny or cute (or both - E-Trade baby) but if I had the money and a product to sell I would go in an entirely different direction with my Super Bowl commercial.

Here's how mine would go. Say, my product was calledCheck Spelling Newman Cola (A beverage with a sweet lemony taste and a hint of boyish good looks.) Well, I would buy my one minute of air time and the only thing on the screen for the entire minute would be:

This bathroom break is brought to you by Newman Cola

There you go, a minute to use the restroom, a minute you can't seem to find anywhere else since you don't want to miss the game or the commercials. Plus, talk about buzz, who wouldn't talk about that around the water-cooler the next morning?

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