Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why I Love Curling

Curling is the bowling of the olympics.

Sure, you have to have immense talent to be good at it but you don't necessarily have to be athletic. In fact, I am convinced if you have a large deck you have to sweep often, you could be a solid curler. I like the idea of a guy who sits on his couch, drinks beers and eats cake without utensils being an Olympic medalist.

Or, consider the case of Canadian curler, Kristie Moore who is an alternate for the Canadian team (I guess in case teammate gets injured, despite the fact I don't think anyone has ever been injured curling.)
Kristie Moore is an Olympic athlete and she's FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT!!! Now, I'm no babyologist but I would guess that is a bit far along in the pregnancy to be participating in a sport. Not too many players on the Canadian women's hockey team who are with child (probably cause they're men.) I think this is awesome!

Here are some other things besides growing a human, that you can do while curling:

1. Drink a beer
2. Eat an ice cream cone
3. Smoke a pipe
4. Give the other puck/stone things the finger
5. Scratch yourself (funnier for the men)
6. Do the "Cut, It, Out" hand move like Uncle Joey on Full House


Anonymous said...

Joey did Cut it out, not Uncle Jesse, but I do agree curling is very entertaining and I'd love to play...

Newman said...

You're right!!! Should be fixed now

Matt Sneed said...

Uncle Jesse just tried to keep the boys from running moonshine to Capital City and getting chased by Roscoe...oh wait...wrong Uncle Jesse....