Monday, August 2, 2010

Whale Wars

There are two things I am scared of in this world: Really extreme heights -and- whales (also blind people with guns).

The heights thing is not uncommon, but the whales thing seems like it is. Most people, like my wife, have no fear of whales. Sharks sure, but not whales. However, I have a very real fear of these monsters.

It's not just the size thing, it's the size and water thing. If there was a land mammal the size of a whale, I would not be too afraid, but put that sucker in water and you have a terror-filled situation. I can't imagine swimming near a whale. I would be beyond petrified and probably pee my pants, but I'd be in the ocean - the world's toilet - so it would be ok. I've been asked, when I've told anyone about this fear, "Would you rather swim next to whales or sharks?" And, my answer to this is, "Ideally neither. If I had to choose, I really think I would rather be next to the sharks."

Any way, where are we going with this, oh yeah, here is a video of a whale destroying a boat:

iller Whale Destroys Sailboat - Watch more Funny Videos

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Anonymous said...

Looks like whales have joined the fight against whalers...