Friday, March 25, 2011

Casey Abrams Needs to Win American Idol

If you missed American Idol last night you missed the judges using their "save" to keep Casey Abrams on the show. What ensued was a mixture of elation, disbelief and heart failure. Casey's reaction was so priceless and, I believe, genuine that you couldn't help feel happy for the guy. Here's the video:

The thing I realized after watching - besides the fact that Stefano gives really long, awkward hugs - is that Casey needs to win American Idol. This has nothing to do with his musical ability (even though he is one of my favorites) cause I don't think he would put out a huge album like I think Lauren could, no this has to do with simply seeing his reaction if he won. How insane would that be?! If this was his reaction to getting saved and kept in the competition at the 11 person mark what could his reaction to winning possibly be? Fainting? His head exploding? Him jumping over the judges table and trying to take J.Lo to pleasure town? None of those things would surprise me. I say - Vote for Casey!

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legit spin said...

Casey Abrams is ridiculously talented; if he gets voted off that would be a crime against the entertainment industry