Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stop Spying On Me!

What you are looking at here is the ceiling of the men's room here at PST. Aside from the incredibly bright fluorescent lighting and neutral "home-y" tones you may notice one of the tiles is ajar.

Now, if you saw this one day you might just think, "Oh look at that, they must be doing work up there." (Unless you're a woman, in which case you'd be thinking, "What am I doing in the men's room?") If this tile was moved like this for a day I wouldn't think anything of it, however this tile has been like this for well over a week now which has lead me to the conclusion that someone is videotaping the men of PST.

Am I shocked? No, we are a handsome bunch. Do I feel violated? Very much so, I prefer to use the restroom without anyone else in there let alone millions streaming it on the web (assumed). I don't see any evidence of a video recording unit so I can only assume the person doing this has access to highly advanced and diminutive cameras that can be hidden in plain sight, also a stepstool. I don't have any culprits yet so I'm starting with a very wide net - anyone.

I will begin to investigate and report back with my findings. Or take a nap.

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Lisa said...

It's me...I just wanted to know what goes on "behind the scenes" lol.