Monday, May 16, 2011

Did I Eat Colbie Caillat's Yogurt?

Last night during PSTFest I found myself in the catered area for the artists performing at the show. At said time, I was very hungry. Displayed in front of me was an array of delicious looking pieces of cake, slices of pie and random bowl of colored sprinkles.

I had gone in with the mindset of eating something there was a lot of so no one would notice any food was missing, however, I have been working very hard at eating healthy and the last time I checked sprinkle-topped chocolate cake isn't on the good for your ticker list. So, I made my way over to the fridge to at least grab a water when I laid my eyes on one singular Greek yogurt. Blueberry. If it wasn't blueberry I probably would have held back but I love blueberries. The decision was made that I would be commandeering this last yogurt before the anyone came back in the room.

It was delicious. As seen in this picture here where you can see the odd way I seem to be eating the plastic spoon:

While eating this delicious snack I was asked by many people where I got it, many people who seemed to believe it belonged to Ms. Colbie Caillat. I am now under the assumption that I stole Colbie's Greek yogurt - perhaps the treat she unwinds with after a wonderful but tiring performance - and for that I am sorry. Seeing as how Colbie often reads this blog (assumed) I would like to offer you one Blueberry Chobani Greek Yogurt in return. You can name the time and place we meet where I will deliver to you this fantastic cup of curdled milk.

PS - Please wear the same outfit you wore to PSTFest (you know so I know it's you and all, yeah, that's right, so I know it's you).

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Anonymous said...

Chobani ff blueberry Greek Yogurt is the best!! Love it!! I am hooked!!

~ Lisa Q.