Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LeSean McCoy's Autograph Up For Grabs! (Rules Apply)

As you may be aware, Dave and I host The PST Bud Light Players' Suite Monday nights at Chickie's and Pete's in Bordentown. We have a player from the Eagles join us each week as we chat about the last Eagles game, pop culture and the pro's and con's of crab fries (Pro - Deliciousness, Con - Availability at other establishments).

Yesterday we were joined by LeSean "Shady" McCoy - Eagles star running back and leader of my fantasy football team (we're 4-3 right now but those losses are squarely on the shoulders of one Felix Jones). Last night Shady's agent asked him to sign a picture for Dave and me to have in the office here. When he said to make one out to Dave and Newman apparently Shady heard, "Sign one for Dave Newton."

So guess what Dave Newton's of the world, today's your lucky day. I have one autographed LeSean McCoy glossy signed specifically for you (well, not "specifically"). You need to prove to me two things - 1) That your name is "Dave Newton" and 2) That your an Eagles fan. If you're wondering if can score the autograph because you're an Eagles fan but not named "Dave Newton" the answer is "No" (sorry). If you're wondering if you can score the autograph because your name is Dave Newton but you're a Giants fan the answer is once again "No."

If you meet these criteria and would like the signed pic, email me newman@wpst.com (I will also give you a shout-out on air though this hasn't been discussed with management yet and could very well be shot down).

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