Monday, November 7, 2011

Newman Endorses 11/7/11

Newman Endorses: Green Tea with Lemon, Honey, Ginger and a Cinnamon Stick

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes I received over the last week or so. I literally got millions. I was out with some sort of viral infection that would have killed a lesser man. The worst was the sore throat I had as a result of the infection. I downed about 3 bags of Halls cough drops over the course of the week. Is this safe? I have no idea. While they worked, when given the chance I turned to this little recipe.

To ease the pain of a sore throat, I make some green tea and add a buttload of honey, a cinnamon stick, a little piece of ginger and a touch of lemon. It works wonderfully. Just try it. Seriously! Go and contract an illness and give it a whirl!

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Ashley said...

I just started getting a sore throat and I usually drink green tea but I can't wait to try this remedy! Came up on my newsfeed right when I needed it. =)