Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Was This a Mistake?

I decided to join the World's Largest Secret Santa yesterday (it's run through www.redditgifts.com) and needless to say, I am very excited. How it works is you get sent the name, address and profile of another Reddit user and you have to send that person a gift. It can be anything, no price limit, but you try to tailor it to their interests. Of course in return another user gets your info and sends you a gift.

Now, I love gifts. They are like in my Top 3 Things of All-Time (the other two being the love of another human being and Pop Rocks). I love surprises so much that I didn't even fill out a profile, I simple wrote, "Surprise me!"

Like an anxious little boy I ran home to tell my wife . . . wait, that would be weird if a little boy had a wife unless it was ancient times when kids were married off super young (*not sure that's factual). Get this - My wife was upset that I did this! She thought was stupid for sending a random person on the internet our address and allowing them to send us something. I assured her that this only sounded dangerous now that she was saying it. But seriously, how is it any different than buying something off ebay or using Craigslist? People can get our address if they wanted.

Was doing this online secret Santa a mistake?


angelsbutterfli said...

It wasn't a mistake to do it, it was just a mistake to give them ur home address. You shold have given them your work address instead.

teri tighe said...

I don't think it's bad. I sell books through Amazon and have people's addresses. at some point you have to have fun and not be so paranoid.

Nikki said...

Yea I would give a work address too... And if there's any food. Please don't eat it.