Friday, November 21, 2008

My Family Is Expanding!

My family is expanding! No, it's not a baby or a new pet, it's my brand new photographer. That's right I am considering buying a photographer that will live with me for the rest of my life. He (sorry, no women can apply, I already have the idea in my head of a little guy who wears a newsboy hat and wears a tweed vest following me by my side) will live with me, eat with me and be part of my family. I have not told Christine yet, but I think she'll be cool with it. Why would I do this? Well, I'll tell you, and you'll understand why you should as well.

I am tired of wanting to take pictures of Christine and I and having to ask some stranger to do it. First off, I automatically assume they are going to steal my camera. Second, you have to go through the whole spiel of how your camera works, even though they won't figure it out and you end up standing there holding a stupid smile on your face for what feels like an eternity, only to wind up walking back over and explaining it again since you apparently asked the only guy in the world who has never used a camera before to take your picture. The other option of course is to do, what I call, The Myspace Picture, where you stand together and one of you holds the camera out in front of you and takes the picture which no doubt makes your head look enormous and pale.

So, if you are interested in living with me for the rest of my life, though never appearing in any pictures, please email me at

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Toni Ryan said...

If you can't find anyone willing to take on the job, even if this economy, I can always share with you Toni Ryan's Photo Tips. They are tried and true, ever notice that I have the same animatronic face in every one of my photos?? Every. Last. One. Go, take a look, I'll wait. I can teach you the same, and whether you have a freshly trained photographer-on-staff, or are doing the Myspace Self Pic (as I am so fond of doing myself) --- you too can achieve the consistent look of peppy photographable alertness in everyone one of your photos. Let me know, I will pass along my tips for free.