Saturday, November 29, 2008

Official Thanksgiving Blog

What I am about to say may be considered blasphemous. For those of you who take offence to it, I apologize. So, even if you vote me off to Canada (I believe that's how it works) at least I will have gotten such an important topic off my chest:

I think turkey is overrated.

There. I said it. Thanksgiving has come and gone, and all I heard, and hear every year, is:

"The turkey was so good!"
"The turkey was so moist!"
"I would sell my first born child into a lifetime of backbreaking labor for just one more bite!"

But, you know what the truth is people - turkey is bland. It is boring. In fact, it's fame was only garnered from the unsung hero of Thanksgiving - Gravy. Gravy makes a turkey. In fact, gravy makes half the foods served at Thanksgiving; you just dump it all over everything on your plate and WHAM! you've got a plate of amazingness. Turkey by itself is just not that pleasant.

Ham - now there's a meat. Did the pilgrims and indians eat ham? Who cares. Can you put gravy on ham? No idea. But, is ham better than turkey? Well, that's like asking something as stupid as whether grapes are better than apples (obviously, grapes are far better because apples get your hands sticky.) So, anyway, feel free to respond to this post in support of making ham the official meat of Thanksgiving, because anything that comes off a pig, is something I am thankful for.

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