Monday, December 1, 2008

Car Names

While driving, I often find myself checking out the names of the cars in front of me (I rarely look at the road). I am amazed that almost every single car name is, well, perfect for a car! An Altima, A Camry, A Highlander (This is admittedly my favorite, although recently I have found an affinity towards Maxima) - they all just work as car names. After pondering this for a while I think to myself, "Hey, I'm a smart guy. I could come up with car names for a living." So, here are some ideas I've got:

Nitro - An ode to the former American Gladiator. This sporty hybrid has the quickness of a sports car with the ruggedness of a 4x4. It's also good at the joust.

Green Lightening - This car runs on electricity (hence the 'Green' in its name) and has lightening bolts painted on the sides (hence the 'Lightening') It is also a good name for a band.

The Zipper - This car can really zip around. I also thought it is sometimes good to make up a word as a name for a car (I thought this until right now as I realized zipper is a word)

The Umlaut - An umlaut is an accent mark used in the German language, and just like the Germans this car is hard working and efficient. And like Germans, The Umlaut runs on schnitzel and sauerkraut which is highly cost effective (still working on the technology)

The Pineapple - At first this sounds like a terrible name for a car, but think about all the hilarious situations when someone you know drives a pineapple: "How do you want to get to the mall? Do you want to take the truck or the pineapple?" This car guarantees a lifetime of laughter.

A Newman - Simple, elegant but kind of tiny.

. . . This is easily the dumbest blog I've ever written.

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Toni Ryan said...

I want a car named after me. A terrible car. Manual transmission. Temperamental. Great cushy interior but a loud ride. We'll call it the "TRyan", spelled just like that with a capital T & R and pronounced like "tryin'". As in, "Just TRyan to get somewhere in this crappy car!" It will gain loads of negative attention, but I like it. And you can buy it with a roll of quarters.