Monday, December 15, 2008

George W. Bush - Ninja??

If you haven't seen it yet, George Bush had a shoe thrown at him from an angry reporter in Iraq the other day.

First off, he would have KILLED IT if he said, "Who throws a shoe, honestly?" If he had dropped that line I believe his approval rating would rise into double digits. Second off, I believe he is a ninja.

Look at the reflexes! Dare I say cat like??? (I have never owned a cat or really ever spent time looking at one, so really can't speak on their reflexes, however from what I've been told they're strong to very strong). I am fairly certain that if someone threw a shoe at me while I stood at a podium, I would be struck, stumbled, fallen over confused and had a giant swoosh on my forehead. But BUSH - NO! - like a gazelle (I always assumed they moved elegantly, I could be very wrong on this) he glides out of the way. It was almost too smooth. Which is why I have come to the conclusion that George W. Bush is in fact a ninja.

You might be saying, "Newman, is one shoe dodging incident enough to conclude someone is a ninja?" Good point (insert your name here). However, I have other proof:

Ninja's do most of their work late at night. Bush is conveniently "sleeping" during the night.

Have you ever seen George W Bush dressed as a ninja? No, a real ninja would never let on that they are a ninja. See my point.

Case closed.

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Phailpail said...

The man has some really well-honed reflexes there. Must be all that time spent dodging questions!