Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dentist Visit

So, I had my 6 month (2 years) checkup at the dentist the other day, and I have a few problems. Not problems with my teeth, problems with the standard dentist visit. Here are some of my complaints:

1. When the most fun thing is getting x-rays, there's a problem.

2. Do you play any other song than Rod Stewart "Maggie May?"

3. I physically can't open my mouth any wider. You have a mouth, you should know that.

4. Oh, my gums are bleeding?? Yeah, I guess it could be the lack of flossing everyday, OR MAYBE, it's that metal sickle you keep jabbing me with?

5. Your paper bib protects my clothing from about 2% of the drool that results from me being unable to close my mouth.

6. Perhaps a pair of science goggles when you are blasting my teeth with the water-pick and it shoots out all over my face.

Otherwise, I had a blast!

1 comment:

Toni Ryan said...

dude, at least the dentist did not feel the need to don a pith helmet, and climb into your mouth with a pick-axe in hand. this happened to me approximately an hour before i heard him mumble, "hmm... we probably shoulda sent her to an oral surgeon". i woulda taken maggie may on loop over Dr. Demento. i like my current dental team, they're awesome (see for details) fun happy people, and they have super brand new space age equipment. i think though, they have rod stewart's "reason to believe" on loop.