Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama's Secret Economic Plan

Obama has promised change, and our economic status could certainly use it. However, what is this big change? Large public works programs? Maybe, but FDR already did that so it isn't exactly a new idea. Tax relief to the middle class? Maybe, but that isn't Obama's brainchild. So, what is this big change? Well, after watching the inauguration I believe I know! Obama plans on boosting the economy through the sales of crazy hats!!

Our new president obviously told certain high-profile guests to wear their most ridiculous hats to the inauguration to popularize them. Honestly, there is no way that many crazy hats randomly showed up at the same event.

Most will remember this little (enormous) number Aretha Franklin wore:

But there were more; George H.W. Bush and Jay-Z rocked the communist Russian soldier look:

Teddy Kennedy wore a Zorro/Flying Saucer cap. And, while I can't confirm this, I believe Hillary Clinton wore a sombrero.

I am sure sales of crazy hats will sky-rocket over the coming months and help the DOW bounce back to record high's. So, get your's now and invest in Lids!

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