Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Confession: I am addicted to cereal. It has surpassed a simple love of, but now rather a full-fledged addiction to cereal. I'll eat 2 or more bowls a day. So, in an effort to keep my cereal expenses low, I went to see which boxes were on sale at my local grocery store yesterday. The answer: Not many. Cheerios - Full Price. Cracklin' Oat Bran - Full Price (but possibly worth it). Count Chocula and his posse of delicious monsters - All Full Price.

Then I stumbled upon one cereal that was actually on sale. The sign read: $2! Half off with use of your Shoppers Club Discount Special Buyers Card (or any combination of those words)! Having said card, I decided this was the cereal for me. The cereal: Curves Brand Cereal.

If you are not familiar with Curves, it's a women's fitness club. In fact (according to it's website) Curves is the world's leader in women's fitness, and this is their cereal. Just as a refresher: I am a man. I immediately checked the label, no added estrogen, no lilac or lavendar scent and no chance of it increasing my bust size (I know they need to work on that).

So, I purchased Curves brand cereal. The results: It's delicious! It is some sort of flakes with almonds and fruit pieces, and I love it! The side of the box even tells me to enjoy a bowl during my favorite soaps and not feel guilty! It also gives me little tips like, "Do crunches during commercials to flatten your tummy!" As a man, I have never used the word 'Tummy' but I will keep that in mind next time I am watching The View.

My review of Curves Cereal:

10-X Chromosomes out of 10!!

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