Saturday, April 18, 2009

Human's Are Being Cloned!

Big news: I may or may not have discovered a giant government cover up yesterday! While, taking in a Yankee's game at the new stadium yesterday I believe I saw a cloned HUMAN! And, not just any human, the human known as Matt Sneed. (If you don't know who Matt Sneed is, he is on PST in the afternoon, he also had a very public blog war with me many months ago, and by public, I mean the only one following it was Toni Ryan.)

While, watching the game I looked over to my right only to Matt Sneed's clone sitting a few rows in front of me. If I didn't know better I would have assumed it was Matt, however I knew Matt wasn't at the game and I don't believe he would have been sloppy drunk in Cleveland Indian's jersey picking fights with some guys who looked like they were going to Bar A.

Matt Sneed:

Matt Sneed's Clone:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A little bit, maybe you had too many beers?

Anonymous said...

Hi Newman...that totally looks like Matt from the side...not so much when he starts to turn in the pics!

Matt Sneed said...

As you know human cloning is unethical and downright creepy. I will find who ever cloned me and clone one oe their sheeps!

In all seriousness, my Father did get around a lot (no Joke) could be a long lost brother!!

Also, i am not that FAT!!!!

Malibubaby21 said...

Well, until Matt Sneed confirmed that it wasn't him, I was going to say that the guy at the game looks chunkier than Matt and the eyebrow that I can see from the side doesn't look like it completely makes it over his eye. Matt's pic shows full lined eyebrows.