Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life With A Robotic Thumb

If you didn't hear me mention this on-air the other morning - I chopped off the tip of my finger. Yup, it's gone. I was cutting up some onions over the weekend and caught it (Luckily, I was making an onion and thumb casserole so it was all good.) It is clear at this point that there is only one option: Remove the thumb and replace it with a robotic one. It was a tough decision to come to, but I think in the long run I will be better off with my robothumb. I am pretty much basing this decision on the fact that I will most likely gain superpowers through the procedure. Not crazy-awesome superpowers like the ability to fly, or the power to grow three inches on command (personal desire) but rather a small superpower that could help me in a limited amount of situations.

While, I will have some fears with my robothumb (Will it rust in the rain? Do I have to oil it?) I think overall my new thumb's powers will be worth it. Situations my superpower'd thumb will help me with:

1. Thumb wrestling matches
2. Improved efficiency with TV remote
3. Flipping a coin to unforeseen heights

Ok, the amount of situations my new thumb will come in handy are VERY limited.

PS - My thumb is fine. Neosporin and a bandaid and it should heal up nicely.

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