Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My New Business Plan

I came up with a brilliant new product today (And, by brilliant I mean horribly stupid) that I will begin selling and get rich off of. It came to me while we were talking about Danny Gokey's eyeglasses this morning on The Crew. Chris mentioned that she thinks they are going to become a hot fashion item now that Danny has been wearing different pairs each week, yet all very similar. I half jokingly said, "Well, if he loses Idol he could just put out his own line of glasses."

About five minutes later, my idea came to me, "What does every eyeglass wearer need?" (At least from the 80's) CROAKIES! (If you don't know what Croakies are, they are a little strap that holds your glasses around your neck so you don't lose them.)

How else would you hang on to your glasses when you are "Hanging Ten" or playing with your Skip-It? So, I will begin selling my new product Gokey Croakies as soon as Danny starts marketing his eyeglass line.

They will cost 15 hundred dollars each.

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