Thursday, May 21, 2009

Careers After Idol

Now, that Kris has taken home the Mirrorball Trophy it is time to look and see what this year's crop of contestants will be doing after their Idol journey has ended. I know most of them are thinking they are going to ride the show to superstardom, but truth is, most won't. So, here are my predictions on what the top six will be up to in the future:

1. Kris Allen - I do think Kris will have a pretty successful music career. I am not sure he will ever hit David Cook or Kelly Clarkson levels but I think he will be alright.

2. Adam Lambert - If he does not take a job at a local MAC counter he will be a very successful rock singer. He could also do movies or stage stuff I am sure (He was in the touring cast of Wicked already.)

3. Danny Gokey - He is already in talks about producing an eyeglass line. Good luck with that, since I am already planning on selling knock-offs on the streets of New York. Unfortunately, and I know people will disagree, I don't see him being a music star. Maybe, gospel music but nothing mainstream.

4. Allison Iraheta - First she'll probably get her drivers license, then she'll become famous on the talk-show circuit after it is discovered that a many years ago a mad-scientist crossed Kelly Clarkson's DNA with Rachel Ray's DNA producing a baby who would look just like them, sing like Kelly and develop a scratchy voice just like Rachel Ray . . . or she'll be a singer.

5. Matt Giraud - He will use the money he earns playing small clubs to buy an "r" for his last name, changing it from the completely unpronounceable "Giraud" to the much more tongue friendly "Girard". He will become moderately more popular as people will no longer have to click "Did you mean: Matt Giraud?" on Google.

6. Lil Rounds - On a random episode of Idol next season, Simon will be critiquing a performance when Lil will run out of the crowd and smack him square in the face for his insanely harsh reviews of her performances.

DARKHORSE FUTURE STAR: Megan Joy Corkrey. I can honestly see her becoming a yodeler.

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