Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A One-Eyed Dog In a Stroller = Chicks

I have mentioned on-air before that our dog has a hard time getting around (she is 15, which in dog-years is like 820) and to get her around more we bought her a dog-stroller. This past weekend, my wife and I went down to Cape May and brought our dog, Casey, with us. We hooked up the stroller to my bike and rode her around. Things to note: Casey has one eye (she had surgery and had to have one removed) this adds to her cuteness. She was also wearing a sailor outfit (my wife's choice) which was both ridiculous and adorable.

While I am married, here is my advise for single guys struggling to find a date: Get a one-eyed dog, dress her in a sailor outfit and ride her around in a stroller. You used to be Screech Powers, now you're Don-Freakin-Juan. So many girls will want to come talk to you. You can stop using Axe Body Spray.

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gigi said...

good grief...that is quite possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen!