Friday, May 15, 2009

LOST Season Finale

Just like every other season finale of LOST, I am left sitting on my couch for an extra 20-25 minutes staringly blankly at my TV screen in utter shock. The same question goes through my head after every season: What just happened? But, this time, with next season being the last, I started thinking about how it will all end?

My question is, if the bomb goes off, which it seeminly did, and next season started at LAX with everyone as strangers, how will they pull a season out of that. So, my guess is the bomb going off was a trick by the guy who killed Jacob (Don't remember if they ever said his name) and he set up everyone to get back to the island (Ben included.) But, I am not sure how that story-line would work either, all I would guess would be that either the bomb took them back to before the plane crash, or they died from the bomb explosion, since there is no way they would live through that. Basically, I have no idea what is going to happen at this point.

By the way, the only thing I didn't like about LOST the other night was the end when they said, "LOST: The Final Season - 2010" 2010!!!! Are you kidding me? I know you have to do all those little things like write and film it, but come on. 2010 is an eternity away, I don't even expect to live that long.

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Toni Ryan said...

watch it turn out that there is no next season. hahahahhaha. so the answer is yes and yes. yes they're all dead, and yes that's it. as in, the gag's on us and this is how it ends. lol. i did the same thing and sat there dumbfounded at the screen that goes "delete recording?" btw i like the logo on white. it was a nice switch up.