Friday, May 15, 2009

Things I Learned About Myself On Ride Your Bike To Work Day

For the first time ever I rode my bike to work today. It's National Ride Your Bike To Work Day, and I am really glad I decided to try doing it, and I am honestly going to try and do it more often now. Thanks to Knapp's for helping me out with everything I needed (talk to Pete over there, he's awesome and knows everything about biking.)

So, here are some things I learned about myself this morning by riding in to work:

1. My Body is Disproportioned - This was shocking news, seeing as how I have lived 27 years assuming I had a normal human body. I do not. I have short legs and a long torso. So, the reason I am short is my legs. I now hate them, and in return will be chopping them off, however, this may be counterproductive. Had I had legs that fit my torso I would no doubt have lived the life of a tall American. I would enjoy all the luxuries that came with it: Greater respect, more opportunities and the ability to reach the top shelf at the grocery store where they store the peanut butter I like, thus not having to step on the bottom shelf and jump up to grab it (Does anyone else even buy that peanut butter Wegmans? Do you all watch the surveillance video in the break room with a few cold ones for a laugh? Fine, I'm running my cart into an end-cap next time I'm in, hope you like cleaning Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries for an hour.)

2. I am Surprising Alert At 3:45am - While, I may not be able to form a sentence when I first wake up (See any weather report I do in the 5am hour, it is more just a collection of words rather than actual sentences, "Newman . . . Radio . . . Weather . . . Wet . . .It's PST") I was able to navigate my way in on some roads I have never been on and made pretty good time.

3. I Look Funny In Helmets - I have long known I look ridiculous in hats, I now know that applies to helmets and most likely anything I put on my head (Sorry, sombrero). Much like my legs, apparently my head is misshapen too.

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