Friday, May 8, 2009

Strategies For Buying Playboy

With the news that Heidi Montaag (sp., but I don't care, cause she is not worth looking up) will be posing for Playboy, it reminded me of an age-old dilemna: How exactly do you buy a Playboy?

Now, sometimes it is behind the counter so there is only one way to do it, but when it is out on the shelf with the other magazines I have seen two different approaches. I am not sure which is better:

Option 1 "The No Big Deal" - This guy makes it overly known that he has no problem buying adult magazines. I have seen this kind of guy at Barnes and Noble, he's holding a Playboy, Penthouse and a few others that I don't think I can even write the names of without having to go to confession. He holds it in his hands (the magazine, get your mind out of the gutter) with people all around totally comfortable. Inside I know he is embarrassed.

Option 2 "The Is Anyone Looking" - This guy, who is more common, acts like he is looking at the Maxim's while his eye is really on the row behind it. When he believes no one is looking he grabs the Playboy (sometimes hiding it inside another magazine) and quickly shuffles to the counter. If he drops it by accident he will probably run like hell out of the store.

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