Wednesday, May 6, 2009

House Hunting

I think I give up. Trying to find a house was fun at first (I could totally see myself cooking in this kitchen, the TV would look nice here, this basement is perfect to set up our sweat-shop workers in . . .wait, what?) but now I am worn out.

We have looked at about 20 places, and finally put a bid in on one but got outbid by $20,000!!! There was no way the house was worth what the people paid for it, but now I am scared we are hitting another bubble. All these young home-buyers are outbidding each other and driving up prices. Is it too much to ask to find a two or three bedroom house with a nice kitchen, good living space and a quality bidet (Ooh, tingly)?


Anonymous said...

my cousin had the same issue in East Brunswick. I went to Open Houses on Sundays, 4-5 a day for about a year before I finally found something I liked. It gives you insight to neighborhoods and then agents at Open Houses tend to be bored so they may share more information than they normally would, like how eager a seller is or how long the place has been on the market, other listings they may have and it felt to me like much less pressure than I felt once I got an agent on board with me. Good Luck! and just keep your eyes wide open through the process, do a search on and see what is out there. I ended up telling my agent which places I wanted to look at, instead of looking at what my agent thought I wanted.

Newman said...

Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated.

Melissa said...

Keep looking, don't give up. I don't think we have hit that bubble yet. I am actually trying to sell my townhouse and am having the hardest time. All the offers I have gotten are awful. All the offers I've gotten have been so low, especially with all the updates thave have been done to the house and that I am including ALL the appliances, which are no older then 3 years.
So keep looking and good luck.