Monday, May 4, 2009

To Cheese

I was looking for new restaurants that I would like to check out the other day when I stumbled upon one that I HAVE to go to. It's called Obika, and it is dedicated to mozzarella cheese. (I'll pause as you regain your balance after fainting.) Yes, mozzarella cheese. Cheese, to me, is the greatest food. Period. Ice cream has made it's case, as has bacon, peanut butter and Kid's Cuisine's Corn Dog Meal, but cheese always retakes the top spot. So, I have decided to rank my five favorite cheeses. I am doing this because a) Cheese deserves some recognition and b) I have nothing else to talk about. So here you go:

1. Mozzarella - Honestly, it is not even that close. Mozzarella is the New York Yankees of cheese, meaning it is awesome and can cost a ton of money to enjoy.

2. Parmesan - Not the stuff you buy from the cylindrical dispensing rack in the pasta sauce asle of the grocery store, but the real fresh stuff. Parmesan is like a seasoning to me. When they ask me at an Italian restaurant whether I would like Parmesan on my pasta I say, "Yes," and while they wait for me to tell them to stop I often go to the bathroom and stop them when I come out.

3. Swiss - This may not be a popular choice. Swiss is a polarizing cheese, however it is also a dscriptive cheese: "How was the Devil's defense yesterday?" "Ugh, swiss cheese city." It is my favorite cheese for a sandwich and is utterly (pun very much intended) amazing.

4. Pepper Jack - BOOM!! Didn't see that one coming. Pepper Jack is most underrated cheese. Do you remember Pepper Jack Doritos - exactly.

5. Cheddar - Many people would have put American here (Actually, I am not sure anyone else would put any cheese on a list because they have more valuable things to spend their time on) but cheddar is far superior to American. Go make a Mac and Cheese with American and come back to me.

(This list is as accurate as it is stupid, meaning it is extremely accurate.)

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Babsbunny said...

16-year aged smoked gouda... I'm just sayin' it deserves a shout-out.