Monday, July 27, 2009

Newman Endorses #2: Orange Tic Tacs

For this week's installment of "Newman Endorses," I am officially throwing my hat behind orange tic tacs. While, I assume the original business plan of the Tic Tac company was to produce a breath freshener - as well as a solid replacement for having loose change in your pocket - they failed miserably with the orange tic tac. Every other flavor of Tic Tac does a fairly decent job at freshening up your breath, the orange tic tac however, does not. Going on a date and just had a cup of coffee - an orange tic tac will be your least effective choice. On the other hand, if you're going on a date and your stomach is growling with hunger pains, a box of orange tic tacs will definitely do the trick! That's because orange tic tacs are delicious!

While we are on the topic of tic-tacs, there is one other quick bonus endorsement I would like to make: The first 3 seconds of a white tic tac. Yes, the white tic tac becomes a solid breath freshener, but for the first 3 seconds it is in your mouth it actually rivals the orange tic tac in terms of tastiness.

*By the way, I do understand this blog is eerily similar to my blog about cherry Luden's cough drops.

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