Wednesday, August 5, 2009

That's Very Kind Of You Grocery Store

I find it polite how grocery stores refer to toilet paper as "bathroom tissue" even though not a single person in the world calls it that. However, while polite, it really makes little sense to me seeing as how I keep my standard tissues in the bathroom - kind of a problem right off the bat.

What you really want to say is, "Going To The Bathroom Tissue," but that renders changing the name pointless, since "Toilet Paper" actually sounds nicer (Plus, try fitting that on the hanging aisle signs, you'd only have room to put a small-named item in the aisle with it, like "Nuts," and frankly, that would lead to far too many immature jokes.)

Also, what exactly is not P.C. about "toilet paper?" The word "toilet?" But, in the same aisle you have "Toilet Bowl Cleaner," and honestly, the term "Toilet Bowl" sound 10 times worse than just "Toilet."

I think it's time to ditch this term supermarkets. It was a nice attempt at being P.C.
Ok, I'm off to bathroom tissue Matt Sneed's house, talk to you later.

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Matt Sneed said...

You have started a war. A war, my friend, a war...ya hear that? A war! A war! Good God Y'all!! A war! This means War! This is war! War I tell you, war!