Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Literal TV #2

My original idea for my new TV channel (Literal TV) was Cougar Land. Unlike the actual show staring Courtney Cox as an older woman chasing younger men, my show was about a town where the residents try to survive the high population of real live cougars.

Now, I have my second show in the works for Literal TV, it's called Shark Tank. The ABC series of the same name has inventors pitch ideas to a board of "Sharks" who decide whether they wish to invest in their idea or not. The "Sharks" are very brutal and blunt with the people, and the room the inventors pitch their ideas in is called "The Tank". My version of Shark Tank on Literal TV will feature inventors pitching their ideas to actual live sharks. However, instead of listening to the ideas the sharks eat the contestants . . . because they are sharks.

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