Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am Terrible For Media

If you run a TV station, print a newspaper or have a website, here is a word of advice: Don't put me in it. I am, simply put, terrible for media.

I realized this yesterday after picking up the new copy of Food Magazine. You see, when the magazine first came out they had a section entitled "The Best Thing I Ever Ate." In it, they asked readers to tell them about the best meal they ever had (it was aptly titled.) I have few friends and loads of free time so I sent in an email. Later that day, I received a response asking me more about it and telling me they loved it! It would run next issue. They were pumped. After waiting for months, the new issue came out. I bought it and furiously scanned cover-to-cover without seeing my email or, for that matter, the entire "Best Thing I Ever Ate" section. They pulled it. The whole bit. Gone.

It might have just been bad luck, but the truth is I have ruined media before. Perhaps, you remember the TV show Shinn and I were on a month ago "Make My Day" on TVLand. Right after our episode aired the show was taken off the air. Here's the message from TVLand. Yes, I brought an entire TV series to a screeching halt. The website says it is due to "production issues," clearly the production issue was putting so much of my back on television.

There was also my short-lived VH1 reality show, "For The Love of Newman," which was taken off the air because they thought I was Newman from Seinfeld, who would have been the biggest celebrity they had ever given a reality show to.

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