Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Newman Endorses #5: Catchy TV Commercial Songs

My guess is it started with the the "Filet O Fish" song from earlier this year, and slowly more companies have jumped on board this awesome trend: Funny/Catchy/Terrible Commercial Songs! The Filet O Fish jingle could be heard around our office for weeks, an actual Filet O Fish sandwich not-so-much, thus bringing me to the conclusion that these commercials are utterly ineffective. Even if I do not run out and buy the product I wholly endorse these little ditties.

Baskin-Robbins joined the ranks with "Ice Cream and Cake" which I love (and so does comedian Doug Benson, who I also would like to endorse as a sub-endorsement within this endorsement.) The most recent one I have seen comes from Radio Shack which I can't find a clip of (any help appreciated.)

Let me know if you see any others!

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