Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sometime You Just Say Dumb Things

I have a tendancy to say really dumb things when I either don't know how to respond to something or when I try to say something very slick. Today, I was getting my morning coffee and I was suprised to find out they remembered how I take it. "Black, right?" the woman at the register said, to which I responded, "As the night." . . . AS THE NIGHT????? Who says that? How about, "Yes." That would have worked. She gave a fake-half chuckle and handed me my coffee. Perhaps, because I was trying to regroup after my horrid respnse, I took the coffee and said, "Cool, check you later." Oh, just shoot me.


Claudia N said...

LOL. And you sulked out of the place and slapped yourself in the head once in the car, I hope? :)

Newman said...

Haha, actually if you want the truth, I walked out right into the door that they had locked! I hate when they do that. If you have two doors next to each other leave them both unlocked.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA That's okay Newman. We all do that kind of thing. Recently my brother in law had a party at his house and he said to people as they were leaving, "thanks for having us". He was tired...I laughed so hard!