Monday, October 5, 2009


I do not wish to discuss my trip to Mexico on here, you know why if you heard me talk about it this morning, and frankly the wound is too fresh. There was one thing I did like/discover on my "vacation" and that was a TV channel they had at the hotel: COOL-TV. That's the name "COOL-TV." How brash! How bold! Not since the short lived channel, "It's (Beep)ing HBO" has a network been so forward with how great they think they are.

What's on COOL-TV? WHAT'S NOT ON COOL-TV? The answer, anything in English. (Actually, it appears they air old MTV Jams videos too, which are technically in English, if you discount "Informer" by Snow.) Mostly, they air game-shows that feature, from what I can decipher, scantly-clad women, fake mustaches and lots of running. I was not able to figure out the goal of the games, however they usually end with some wacky slide-whistle-esque sound effect and the camera quickly zooming in and out on the hosts face. Hilarious! Did he win? Did he lose? Who cares!

I think my heart-rate hit European techno levels watching the speed at which these shows progressed until, like a great middle-school dance DJ, they slowed things down for just a little bit with some En Vogue. I don't know if I felt "cool" watching COOL-TV, I did however feel excited and slightly nauseous. It was AWESOME!

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