Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bad Reason to Not Buy House?

My wife and I are still looking for our first house. What started out as a fun whirlwind tour of townhouses and small family homes has turned into a frustrating experience akin to our recent Mexican vacation (Again, it was terrible . . . EXCEPT COOL-TV!!!! see previous blog post.)

Last night we saw a few houses including one in a development that was eerily familiar to me. You see that house happened to be in the same cul-de-sac where I, many years ago, saw a ghost. I'm not talking Casper here either, where I would gladly pay top dollar for the house so I could have a ghost best friend who would keep robbers away and occasionally cook me breakfast. No, I am talking a terrifying, evil, no-breakfast ghost. I remember it clearly, it was a woman holding three evil looking dogs in front of her, all equidistant, and she had no head. I am not joking, she was sans-head. The ghost and her devil-dogs (Oooo, note to self: Buy devil-dogs later) stood in the road and never moved as my car approached them, even to the point where I was a few feet away and I could see through her body. I was scared to death that day, and still remember it clearly.

Now, the question: Is it stupid of me to not consider buying this house because I saw a ghost in the cul-de-sac years ago? I am 100% not joking that I will not buy that house for this exact reason. Am I being stupid?


Linda Meyer said...

I would not buy that house either, I would live in fear that I would see that same ghost or other ghosts and I'd be paranoid the entire time I lived there. Def. not a stupid reason!!

teri said...

maybe you can find out some information about the neighborhood to see if something bad happen to create this ghost. It wouldn't stop me from buying but I would be scared, nonetheless.

is the house the best one you've seen, yet?

Newman said...

No, it isn't, which makes the decision easier. If it was the house of my dreams I would have real issues haha

Toni Ryan said...

start the bidding. get all related parties excited about the potential transaction, and then announce that you found out about the ghost, and want a discount. Call it "deferred maintenance on spiritual and supernatural happenings."