Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Halloween Candy Did You NOT Want?

As a kid, Halloween candy was in a way a sort of rating system for your neighbors. Tell me you didn't take a mental note of the houses that gave out full-size candy bars, or the ones who thought kids love pennies.

There was one house I hated going to because they gave out the same candy every year, and every year I would throw it in the trash. That candy was Good & Plenty.

First off, lets be honest, licorice is not a candy. It tastes so bad it should be a vegetable. In fact, I think I would rather have received vegetables ("Look mom, a leek! This is far better than a box of Good & Plenty's!") Not only do they taste bad, they have the audacity to call themselves GOOD and Plenty! There may be plenty of you but you sure as hell aren't good.

So, that's the "treat" I never wanted. What one candy did you hate getting?


Toni Ryan said...

the caramel-ish ones on the lollipop stick. any kind of wrapped candy. necco wafers. ick. honestly, i am and always have been more of a candybar girl. crunch bars, pb cups, those were more my thing. i'd keep the jolly ranchers and dumdums for posterity. chuck everyting else.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Good n'Plenty!!! I raid my kids' bags for them!