Friday, November 6, 2009

My Name is Mike Newman, And I Am Addicted To Washing My Hands

If there is one positive to come out of this whole Swine Flu thing, it is that the world is getting cleanlier. You can't go to a supermarket or pharmacy without seeing hand sanitizer by the register. Yup, the place once reserved for kid's candy and other impulse buys has been taken over by a new, "Oh, right I should get that item." The soap industry hasn't seen a boom like this since . . . well, I am not really sure the soap industry ever had a boom. Everyone is getting clean, and I'm in!

I am washing my hands nonstop. I even wash when I'm done in the bathroom now. I'm addicted. I bought Purell out of a motorcycle jacket clad guy's van in New York City. I know over-doing it can actually be harmful, but try telling that to someone who is addicted to say, chocolate - it's too delicious to stop! Now, hand sanitizer is not delicious (trust me) but it is addicting (plus, it gets the chocolate off my hands from this aforementioned other addiction.)

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Debbie-Lin said...

Congratulations! Doesn't it feel great to be part of the OCD group? :)

I've been a super clean freak for many years (I'm 29, but still), and I try to tell people that hand washing is the best defense, but nobody really listened until the swine flu hit. I still see people shaking hands and wonder how they don't realize that that's one of the worst things to do, germ-wise.

Thanks for coming over to the clean side and keep washing! :)