Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Christmas Sweater

John Mayer showed up on Ellen yesterday wearing what can only be described as the most awesome sweater ever. As you can see, it features two reindeer, an ill-proportioned Christmas tree and the pattern of a fine couch cushion.

This sweater would make little sense in June (as would any long-sleeved garment) but this time of year it just happens to be perfect. It's the holidays? BOOM! You automatically have a worse eye for fashion than the Germans. How exactly did the Christmas holiday get associated with such awful clothing?

Everyone had one; just dig through your box of old pictures and you'll see one or two of you opening presents in one of these monstrosities. I would love to see any pictures you have of you or a loved one in an ugly Christmas sweater. You can email them to me at: and hopefully I will get enough to make one big collage to post here before Christmas.

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