Monday, December 21, 2009

Tell them about the ham

So, for this one, feel free to post your input for a friend of mine who texted me with an interesting dilemma:

My friend had a few friends over for a dinner and was handling the cooking duties. One of his friends' new girlfriend was a vegetarian. He was cognizant of this fact throughout the cooking (except he's an idiot as you will soon find out - I can call him an idiot because he is my friend and because I am 100% sure he doesn't read my blog.) So, everything went well, until he thought back on how he made the soup he served first. It was a veggie soup except the moron cooked up the broth with ham.

Ok, so the strained out ham flavor probably isn't the worst thing you could serve a vegetarian (that would be Turducken) but it's still from meat. By the way, oh my God, can you imagine if you accidentally slipped turducken by a vegetarian guest, wow, good luck on that one.

So, he asked me if I thought he should call and tell his friend or just let it slide.

What would you guys do?


Anonymous said...

What friend don't know wont hurt him :D

The Christine Show said...

Unless eating a ham-broth based soup is going to cause the new girlfriend to sprout a snout or develop cloven hooves, I say just stay mum on the issue.

Anonymous said...

He could always ask her if she liked the soup and if so give her a copy of the recipe. And if she says no thanks, then that gives him an out.LOL Besides she just might agree with you about the idiot part. But he'll at least be an honest idiot.