Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not The Motorized Chair!

It's official: I'm a homeowner! The response I have received from other homeowners I know is akin to the response one would get from the sad drunk guy after you got married - a semi-sarcastic "Good Luck." Still, we are excited about it, and hopefully won't run into too many problems right off the bad.

One thing I am not too excited about is the removal of my much desired motorized stair-chair (By the way, "The Stair Chair" sounds like an awesome infomercial product). There was a sweet elderly lady who lived in the house before us and she installed this dream-machine to help her get upstairs. I figured it was pretty expensive but I was hoping she would leave it installed . . . she did not (frowny face.)

For 27 years, I've been walking up stairs like a sucker. I could have been riding in luxury! Just imagine how much fun it would be at parties, it's fun for kids and people of all ages (Note: Fun level is primarily based on amount of alcohol consumed.) And, the late nights where I am too tired to walk up to my bed but am not sure how I will wake up in time for work on the couch - BOOM! Chauffeur.

Sadly, The Newman Transport 2000 has gone on to serve actual needs.

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