Monday, January 18, 2010

The Problem with HGTV

Come tomorrow I should be a homeowner. I say 'should' because we have had incredibly bad luck with our house hunt and I refuse to believe things will go smoothly. Still, hopefully, tomorrow I will own a house.

Now, the house we are purchasing could you use a few upgrades, which scares me. It's not so much the fact that the house needs upgrades that scares me, it's more the fact that my wife has been watching a lot of HGTV. Now, all of a sudden she can install cabinets, recessed lighting and perhaps build a pool. This is the problem with HGTV - they make it all look so easy.

Hey HGTV, here's a show idea for you, it's called: "Regular Guy Fixes Things" and it features a normal guy attempting to do things around the house. Each episode ends with him cursing, kicking over electronics and scaring the children. Instead, what you get is "Johnny Pearly Whites" redoing your kitchen in 30 minutes, and you think, "Hey! I can do that." But what they don't tell you is - no, no you can't. You have no formal training (and lets be honest, no informal training either, a 30 minute TV show doesn't count - I can't watch House and perform surgery,) but you are lead to believe you can do it smoothly in time for dinner.

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Toni Ryan said...

SO TRUE. I often think i can replace copper wiring with a Bic lighter and some chewing gum bc i saw really gorgeous guy do it, and that sorta looks like how he did it.

to my credit though, i have picked up some mad painting skills and can actually paint a room efficiently and quickly. other than that, cut your own damn granite countertop with a wetsaw