Monday, February 1, 2010


Finally got around to seeing this Avatar movie everyone's been buzzing about . . .Talk about having your finger on the pulse!! Tomorrow, I'm buying a Tamagotchi! . . . In a word - Awesome!

I went in thinking I would just enjoy the special effects, but I actually thought the story was really good. Kind of predictible, but good. I would definetly say see it in 3-D IMAX, which I did, and it made any slow parts still interesting based soley on the effects. It was definietly an experience (Plus, anybody else think they have a crush on Neytiri?) So, if you haven't seen Avatar yet, I would highly recomend doing it, even if you are someone like me who just thought the effects would be cool.

I do have one complaint however: Why did they have to cast Michelle Rodriguez? Is there any actor/actress who you just don't like in real-life and when they are in a movie it kind of ruins it a touch for you? Well, I do - Michelle Rodriguez.
PS - Dear Michelle Rodriguez,
Please don't hurt me.


Anonymous said...

Aw you never seen MRod in real life then cuz she seems super sweet!

p0lisht0m said...

WHAT are you talking about. That movie was not Great... or good for that matter. It was decent at best. Story line was as you put it, predictable, which in turn means boring. The special effects were great but I would have enjoyed them just as much as if I didn't see it in 3-D. MR.... ok Ill agree with you on that one.