Friday, February 12, 2010

Funniest Valentine's Gifts

What is the funniest, corniest or just most interesting thing you've ever received for Valentine's Day?

Here's mine, and let me preface this by saying, I have the best mom ever but this gift was pretty darn hilarious:

Do you remember when Trolls were popular? The little guys with the hair that sticks straight up sometimes you jammed one on the end of your pencil; well, one Valentine's my mom bought me, my sister and my dad special Valentine's Day Trolls. Each of them came with red hair and held a little heart with a message on it.

When my mom purchased them she looked at the first one she picked up and the heart read, "Happy Valentine's Day!" Seeing this, she assumed they all had the same message on the heart, so she bought one for each of us.

On Valentine's Day she gave us each a bag with some chocolate and little gifts along with the Troll doll. My Dad opened his, "Happy Valentine's Day!" the heart read. He thought it was pretty cute. My sister opened hers, "Happy Valentine's Day!" the heart said, she thanked my mom. Then, I opened mine. A nice little Troll doll holding up a heart, and on that heart it read, "I love your buns!" - Thanks mom, that's incredibly weird. She was hysterical laughing at it, and I still got the little guy and have to explain the story to anyone who sees it and asks who gave it to me.

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