Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Man

Would it be that hard to make a Roomba that removes snow?????

Well, I have no idea, but could someone do it? With another snow storm coming it would really help a lot of people out, namely - me. We've all been physically removing snow like suckers, while our little robot friends remove dirt from our rugs. Hello!! Slap a shovel on that bad-boy and send him out to the driveway.

If anybody wants to get in on this invention with me you can do so, as long as you can build it and you agree to take only 1% of the profits. I already have a name for it, "Snow Man" I don't believe that name has been taken by anything else ever so it should work out perfectly.

PS - If you watch Parks and Recreation (all two of you) yes, this idea was inspired by DJ Roomba

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