Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST "What Kate Does"

I give last night's episode of LOST a solid 'B.'

Best part for me was the return of the creepiest character on TV: Ethan. Is Ethan in the alternate universe (the one with Kate hijacking the taxi) a good guy? Is he really a doctor concerned about Claire's well-being? So, does that mean that the island mad him evil or was he never even evil to begin with we just didn't understand him and the others? My brain hurts.

I am guessing Claire is going to some how give Aaron to Kate like she had in previous flashforwards, just this time the details are different.

And, what was that about Jack's sister??? I thought at the end they mentioned something about her being like Sayid. Completely missed what that was about. Help please!


Doug said...

Sayid is apparently "sick" or "infected" with a "darkness". according to the temple dude anyway. so then jack went to talk to the temple dude about what was in the pill, and he swallowed it trying to get him to tell what was in it. the temple dude made him cough it back out and said it was poison. then he said that Jacks sister was also "infected".

then the thing about claire in alternate, i noticed that was Ethan, but i didn't understand that part. most of what i remember about Clair was that she showed up at the last minute saving Jin.

hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Jack's sister, Claire, has the "evil" of the island in her. When people die and come back, they assume that the island has taken over their body. It is now believed that Sayid has that evil in him. It just hasn't reached his heaart yet.

Newman said...

Oh yeah!!!! I totally forgot that Claire is Jack's sister. Now, it makes sense! Ok, so Sayid may be infected by the island just like Claire was in the episode.

Toni Ryan said...

did i not say that i think in the "sideways" world (as the insiders are calling this 'alternate' universe) everything that was meant to be will also happen, as if everything that happens was meant to be, no matter how you change the past?? whoa i just confused myself.

however if claire is truly evil reincarnation, why was she even saving jin? btw maybe danielle rousseau was also a dead reincarnate this whole time too. funny parallel btw danielle and claire... two women in the jungle, separated from their babies.

chew on that one for a bit, coz my head hurts now.

Anonymous said...

-The temple guy said that Sayid was infected the same as clair
-Is this the same sickness that the french had when they were on the island. They had not come back from the dead.
- I am confused about the poison pill if they wanted to kill sayid why didn't they just shoot him. Or does the pill get the infection out. This goes against everything Jacob told hurley in the previous episode that he needed sayid to get to the temple.
-We don't know if Clair actually died to get the sickness she just walked away.
-question When Claire went to the to the poeples house to give up the baby they never showed the husband. Could that be Ben in the sideways world?
-I don't think Clair saved jin on purpose I think she was going to shoot him until he said her name.
-Kate is on my last nerve-does she want jack or sawyer. The girl needs to make up her mind.
-Why do the others/jacob need all of them at the temple. The guy with the glasses told kate she needed to bring sawyer back alive.

And if at the end Bobby Ewing wakes and said he had dream of plane crashing on a mysterious island. I will never watch TV again.

Anonymous said...

OK I know its last week's episode but I have been a week behind. Well we all saw Clair...but I am thinking that when she wandered off the island infected her (she was palling it up with ehr and Jack's dead dad remember?..maybe she is a pawn of the man in black guy..and Sayid is going to be like her now. And that alternate reality is going to somehow end up having them in the same positions, I wierd about Ethan..and Desmond on their plane the first episode??