Wednesday, March 31, 2010

. . .And Another Thing

I often express my dislike for Dancing With The Stars, from their liberal use of the word 'stars' to the deathly allergic to ad-libbing Samantha Harris, there are, and were, many things I didn't enjoy about the show. (By the way I don't want to say I am responsible for getting Samantha Harris off the show, but, I am responsible for getting Samantha Harris off the show.) If you like the show that is perfectly fine, in fact you are one of over 20 million who watch it, but it's just not my cup of tea. So, to add to my angry-old man rant I have something I would like to add to my list of things I don't like about the show: The Celeb-Aquarium.

See, this season they have started having the stars and pro-dancers hang out near the crowd instead of backstage in an area they have deemed "The Celeb-Aquarium." So, you are telling me someone brought this name up at a meeting for the show and nobody, not one person said, "Um, yeah, we could call it The Celeb-Aquarium or, and this is just another thought, we could call it ANY OTHER WORD EVER."

What about The Star Zone or Celeb Lounge? That being said, fill that sucker with water and give them SCUBA gear and let us watch them swim around for no apparent reason, I'm cool with that.

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